Eliminate Pattern Analysis From Your Trading

Pattern analysis is a popular approach to trading and one that many people consider a necessity for their trading strategies. Pattern analysis is the study of historic chart patterns and indicators—based mainly on price and volume—in order to help traders better predict future trends in the market. Pattern analysis can be made up of many […]

How To Become A Part-Time Trader

If you have a full-time job it might seem difficult or even near impossible to become a trader, and the idea of quitting your job doesn’t always seem feasible—at least not when you’re just starting out. So is it possible to become a successful part-time trader? It is, if the right steps are taken to […]

How To Pick The Right Trading Room

Many day traders work from home, isolated for hours without anyone around to distract them. And while the lone wolf mentality has become quite popular in the trading community, the truth is that it can be quite frustrating and even boring.  Sometimes you want the ability to share your successes and even failures with a […]