Every person that gets into trading is ultimately looking to do two things: Generate income and do it in the easiest way possible. 

Here’s the reality: trading is far from easy. 

In fact, if you don’t put in the time and effort you either won’t see results or you’ll make costly mistakes that will leave you without any interest to keep pursuing trading. Most trading strategies require spending hours upon hours in front of the computer screen. 

What if it didn’t have to be that way? 

At 10 Minute Trades, we’ve developed a very different method of trading that requires only a fraction of the time that typical trading does. 

This method is called “appointment-based trading” and it allows traders to spend less time in the market while making the same amount of money, or even more, than in traditional trading. 

What Is Appointment-Based Trading? 

Appointment-based trading revolves around the idea that you don’t have to spend hours, days, weeks, or even months in a trade.

All you need is 10 minutes per trade, maybe once or twice a day. 

Appointment-based trading is a simple, time-based approach that gives you the flexibility to schedule trades on specific days, at specific times. 

There are hundreds of appointment-based trades to choose from at all hours of the day — sometimes even on weekends — and these trades are announced up to a month in advance. 

This allows you to figure out exactly what and when you want to trade, making trading work with your schedule rather than staring at a screen for hours waiting for the “right” market conditions. 

Thanks to this approach, you can be in and out of the market in 10 minutes or less while outperforming professional traders who spend countless hours staring at charts all day.

How Does It Work?

You might be thinking appointment-based trades sound too good to be true. After all, how can it be possible to trade just 10 minutes a day on a predictable schedule and still outperform the pros? 

Here’s why that’s not only possible but why we’ve been able to do it successfully for almost a decade now.

Economic Triggers

Scheduling futures trades is possible through the use of specific economic triggers. These triggers fall into three categories:

  1. High-impact economic reports
  2. Big company earnings reports 
  3. Market opens and closes

Within each category there are hundreds of individual triggers that can be mixed and matched to best fit any schedule and lifestyle. 

Appointment-based trading is ultimately possible because these economic triggers cause specific indexes to move on specific days at specific times.


Economic triggers are the foundation of appointment-based trading but simply understanding them won’t do any good without the use of proper software. 

The right software is really what allows traders to schedule trades in advance. Using software is safer, it’s faster than placing trades manually, it reduces risk, and it provides a level of confidence that can help avoid psychological errors. 

At 10 Minute Trades, we created our own custom JOBB Software (an add-on to NinjaTrader®) that was developed with the sole purpose of making appointment-based trading as effective as possible. 

Our JOBB software lets you automatically set entries and exits, stops and targets, and supports trailing stops. 

It works by creating a bracket of buy and sell orders above and below the current price of an instrument. 

At the appointed time of the trade, the software will bracket the current price, generally resulting in either a long or short position. 

If the trader is pulled in long, the short will be automatically cancelled and vice versa. Because of this, it doesn’t matter if the market goes up or down. 

If the trade trigger causes the market to move, you can potentially make a profit in anywhere from seconds to minutes. 

We also use the JOBB software to set automatic entries and exits for each trade so there is no fumbling to try to get the order on the chart moments before a trade trigger takes place.

Weekly Market Movers

Understanding economic triggers and when they’ll occur requires some time and research. 

At 10 Minute Trades, we do that research for you and provide a weekly report called the “Weekly Market Movers”. This report lists every appointment-based trade that we will be watching and/or trading in the upcoming week.

For each trade, we list the trade trigger that is expected to move the market, the specific time of the trade, and the instrument(s) we’ll be watching and/or trading. 

NOTE: We are not financial advisors and we don’t tell you how to trade. We share what we do so you can learn by watching and practicing in simulation and, over time, be able to make your own trading decisions with the help of your professional advisors.

Why Choose Appointment-Based Trading?

Most futures trading strategies take 4-6 hours per day. Swing trading can take 3-7 days or more. Options trading generally takes months. And buying and holding stocks keeps you in the market for years.

With appointment-based trading, you can get similar results with similar risk to those other trading strategies but be in and out of the market in just 10 minutes or less per trade.

And you’re not waiting around all day for good trades to “magically appear”. On the contrary, we know up to a month in advance exactly when an appointment-based trade is scheduled to move the market.

That means you can choose trades that fit your schedule rather than waiting for the stars to align before a good trade setup shows up on the charts.

Life is too short to waste several hours a day staring at charts. Appointment-based trading empowers you to get in, get out, and get on with your life so you can focus on what is truly important to you.

For some people, that means spending more time with family and friends, pursuing a favorite hobby, or spending time helping others.

Whatever is most important to you in life, you’ll have more time to enjoy when you’re an appointment-based trader.

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